TEDx Sydney 2012 Clemenger BBDO Mimesthai Installation

On Saturday the 26th of May at the Carriageworks in Sydney, an attentive audience at TEDx witnessed the World’s first spoken word trending engine.

I had the challenge of the role of technical lead for this project, as well as the pleasure of working with one James Théophane from Clemenger BBDO.

I used Processing and Node.js to create the infrastructure required to actualise this event.  I will post a full write up of the technical details in the near future; I learned a great deal, especially in the web domain for this project, and want to share some of that.

In the meantime, have a look at http://iamtheo.com/Mimeisthai for more information as well as videos that show the work.


Special thanks must go to Jack and Andrea at small multiples for this opportunity, as well as to Denise and Claire at Clemenger.