Incra Super System!

Setting up my new Incra Super System.

First of all,  I'll make the assumption that most of you haven't heard of Incra- the company or the jig.  Even woodworkers who do it for a living may not be familiar with Incra.

The Incra products are all about accuracy and repeatability, and not surprisingly they appeal to people like myself who are engineers by trade and makers by hobby.

The Incra positioner and fence system is a device that allows precise setting of the distance between the fence and the saw blade / router bit / drill press bit.

The heart of the Incra system is a precisely machined lead screw.  This screw has a sawtooth pattern that marries with another similar shaped screw and ensures that when the fence is locked, it snaps to the nearest whole millimetre position.

As I write this, the system is yet to arrive.  What better time to write a post about how I plan to set it up?  Obviously the pictures you see here indicate that it arrived eventually;  I'll indicate where my planning and my execution differed

Given that the central philosophy here is accuracy, the first steps are crucial!  There would be little point in having such phenomenal accuracy if it wasn't available due to sloppy setup.

My thinking here is to use the Incra to assist in its own setup.

This 'bootstrapping' will take the form of using the Incra to establish square on the table.