Squarespace is my Saviour

Well!  I have a long history of wanting to make my own websites; my previous (publically seen) effort involved the use of a parser written in Java that parsed Javascript from a client-side Javascript app known as ‘Tiddlywiki’.  Other attempts subsequent to that included Sinatra and Ruby on Rails sites that would parse plain text files, and even a couple of forays into 3rd party solutions including Refinery CMS, Concrete 5 and others.


It’s time I realised that I have a great deal more to contribute by concentrating on the documention of my output, and concentrating less on roling my own.  As a programmer it’s easy to be seduced by the rolling of one’s own, but as I say, enough is enough is enough.

My concern with any CMS is that my ‘stuff’ will become imprisoned within their system, and it’ll be too difficult to do bulk, programmer-enabled things with it.  Not so with squarespace- I can simply export the site as XML, have my wicked programmy way with it, and then re-import.  The best of all worlds one might say!